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Best thing of the week:Got invited skiing!!!
(with the help of a few well placed hints) Ooooh, the
injury possibilities

Worst thing of the week:Discovered in case
is two words - my whole world view has collapsed

another one!

ok - this is experimentation, it has purpose at all apart from to stop my brain going into a coma from lack of use, just in case my practise in lectures last year wasn't enough
la la How you doin'?
could be good
if i actually
used it
as one

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Glasto:glasto Random:random


Go away-Spannahoor

Let's have some layout here people

Topical news - boredom strikes

For those of you who can't even manage to get a shit job over the summer and who's social life has left the country (hannah, get back here), here's some ideas for how to spend the waste that is your life:
  • make your own website
  • make it better than this
  • write me a letter
  • buy me a present
  • have a bath (especially matt)
  • learn the guitar
  • discover your creative side - make a sock puppet
  • invent a new food
  • get that summer look on a tanning-bed (tried and tested by dan)
  • plant a tree
  • buy stuff on ebay
  • think of some more and TELL ME
Columns!!! (though bad Italy flashbacks matt)

something else

It's a work in progress, okay?

some links

Matchstick rockets! This is odd People should be able to spell(and yes, I know some annoying smart-arse is going to point out some spelling mistake on this page, probably mike, so pre-emptively FUCK OFF) Go somewhere visit rich Cheapo Guardians Discover the soliton joy

Just got back from clearing my gran's house, in the middle of the night obviously ('we'll get organised and leave after lunch this time Elly, definately'). Though 7 hours late is fairly good for Mother, as my housemates can testify. She also developed a bad back immediately upon arrival in leeds, which unfortunately stopped her helping me unload the car. To be fair though she did recruit some random (and fairly drunk) student who happened to be wandering the streets at the time to help me, and thought it was only sensible that while I had a guy to help me I should take everything right up to the attic. That'll teach him. And 'everything' was an impressive amount given we have a little vw polo, and mainly seemed to consist of pans. We have many pans already - two cupboards full and a whole other set for the students, but that didn't deter mother from retrieveing almost every single one from grans (but look, it's a good pan Elly, swan's a good make, we might use that). am fairly confident they won't see much use in the attic, so if there's ever a Teflon shortage, you know where to come folks. Also among the stuff that she 'rescued' when I was trying to get rid of it was a table for which we have no space, about a million candles (and not in a handy torch like ben's) which can only be for in case all electricity sources run out??, and a small plastic pencil toy.

Was brutally evicted from my room to make way for somebody who's paying, fuckin cheek. The computer room's just not big enough for my creative aura.

come out tonight